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INTI Library


As an institution that bears the responsibility for improving the students' knowledge and skills, INTI College recognizes that the provision of an excellent library is of utmost importance. With its rich and diverse collection, INTI Library supports and encourages both the scholarly pursuits, and the practical research activities, of INTI staff and students.

Library Collections

INTI College Indonesia Library has a wide spectrum of collections from general textbook, videos and multimedia in the form of CD-ROM, audio cassettes and newspapers. Currently our Library has more than 10,000 items in its collections, consisting of books, best seller novels, e-books, magazines, journals and audio visuals available for Library members to borrow.

Contact Information

Address :
Jl. Arjuna Utara No.35, Duri kepa - Jakarta Barat
Phone Number :
(021) 5654969 - ext:126
Fax Number :
(021) 5654970

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday : 08.00 a.m. - 18.30 p.m
Saturday : 09.00 a.m. - 15.00 p.m

Holiday : Library is closed during the Official Holidays set out by the Government of Indonesia.
Light and air conditioners will be switched off 10 minutes before the library closes.


1. Lending Services (members only) Library members are responsible for all Library collection

     check outs on their cards which must be returned on or before the date due.

2. Reading Room

3. Updated books, magazines and audio visuals

4. We provide 10 computers connected to the Internet, a complete set with DVD+ headset.

5. Printing BW, Color and Scanning

6. Online Databases


The lockers are located inside and outside  the library.
Students must leave their bags and jackets in their lockers before entering the library. Library will not be held liable for any loss or damage of property deposited inside the lockers.

Lockers are also provided for students in the Student’s Lounge. To use them, the students
must pay Rp. 150.000, which will be returned when the student finishes his or her study at INTI Education Indonesia.


Membership is open and free for:
1. All Registered students of INTI Education Indonesia
2. All Faculty members and Administrative staff of INTI Education Indonesia

Registration Procedure:
1. The Applicant must fill out the registration form
2. Submit 2 passport photos (2x3)
3. No charge for membership


Borrowing Rules and Regulations










Full time Lecturers

15 books

1 semester


Part Time Lecturers

5 books

1 semester


Admin. Staff

2 books

2 weeks


Full Time Students

3 books

2 weeks


Public (In Progress)

2 books

2 weeks

- All library books must be returned by the end of each semester
   (the last Friday of week 15).
- Full Time Faculty members may renew the same books if they are teaching the same
   Subjects in the following semester.
- Students are not allowed to borrow books during the semester break.

1. Library users are responsible for the books borrowed. Any borrowers who lose a
    library book(s) will have to pay the price of the lost book(s).
2. The open shelf books can be borrowed for 2 weeks only. If they are not returned on
    the due date, the borrower will be fined Rp. 2.000,- per day.
3. Extension is possible only if there is no request from another Library member on the
    borrowed material.


1. The Library visitor should fill out the Library Visitor form provided   when they  enter 
    the library
2.  All bags/jackets (and any other non-library items) should be placed  in the locker.
3. The  Library is not responsible for loss of any item left behind in the  Library.
4. All books/items should be checked out directly from the librarian
5. After use, all items should be returned to the Circulation desk.
6. Silence is to be observed in the library at all times.  Library staff  has the right to ask any
   offenders  to   leave the library.
7. Smoking and consumption of food and drinks is not permitted in the Library.
8. Before leaving the Library, all students will be required to show their books and files
   (including   personal belongings: bags, laptops cover, etc) at the Circulation desk.
9. Members found breaking library rules will have their library privileges suspended.
10. The Librarian may amend the Library Rules and Regulations at anytime